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Tips To Identify Rotten Grape

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Grapes grow lovingly in the lap of nature but when exposed to its harsher elements, grapes rot. The key to identify rotten grape is to look for the signs as shown in the following lines:




Classic Signs Of Rotting Grapes




Grapes shrivel when they do not have enough food to eat for themselves (this happens when they are still on the vine) or when they lose moisture (this may happen in case of extreme dry conditions). Therefore, shriveled grapes among your collections are the first signs that your grapes are beginning to rot, so don’t buy them and if already bought, separate them from the fresh ones and discard them.




Black grape rot is a disease caused by a fungal infection and is contracted while growing on the vine. If your grapes at the supermarket show black spots, either around the fruit or the stem to which the bunch is attached, this means the vine was diseased and if not stored properly, the fruits will eventually rot too. Apart from this, the diseased grapes may also bear brown or whitish spots.




Sometimes, when the grapes are overripe and subjected to hot weather, they burst open and the sugar inside them gets exposed to sun. This results in rot too. Check your grapes for their outer skin, which should be intact and not broken. Broken skin is also a storehouse of germs, which may find their way into your body too if you are not careful enough to identify rotten grape.




Grapes, due to high sugar content, impart an acidic, alcoholic or putrid smell, once they are overripe and start rotting. So check that smell before popping a few in your  mouth.


One of the most popular snack fruits in the world, grapes are enjoyed in every country because of the ease with which these can be eaten and the variety of ways in which these can be used while cooking. This easiness about grapes may turn sour when you are not able to identify rotten grape. Hope this article will help you do that.

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Tips To Identify Rotten Grape