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Tips To Identify Rotten Bacon

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How many times have you dug out your packet of bacon from the inner sanctum of your freezer and found it to be rotten just when you were going to cook breakfast? At times such as these, it is very difficult to find a replacement so you end up thinking what if the bacon is not actually rotten. Well, to be sure of that, here are some tips to identify rotten bacon, so that you or your family doesn’t end up falling sick:


Check the Package


The bacon packet must be sealed with no tears or punctures anywhere. If you find that the packet is torn or open on any side, it is probably contaminated already. Bacon stays fresh only when wrapped tightly. Throw the bacon away if it is packed otherwise.


Check the Color


Bacon is basically reddish brown in color. If you find your bacon to be green or brown, or if it has developed a slimy layer over it, this means the bacteria has already started growing and the bacon is of no use to you.


Check the Smell


Bacon should smell just like bacon does. This normal smell is the best indicator of whether your meat is worth eating or not. If you encounter an unpleasant odor after you open the bacon packet, it has definitely gone bad and should be thrown away.

Eating bacon fresh, everyday with your eggs and toast, is probably the most common food tradition. To keep it that way, always be ready with these tips to identify rotten bacon.

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Tips To Identify Rotten Bacon