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Tips To Identify Rotten Peanut

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Eating rotten peanuts can pose serious health risks like dysentry because in some cases, mycotoxins are produced. Peanuts, when kept for long, rot easily but it is easy to identify rotten peanuts. Keep these tips handy and eat safely.




Smell the peanuts for any foul or unpleasant odor. In case you encounter a foul smell, which is more dusty than usual, the peanuts are rotting and, therefore, no longer good to eat.




The main cause of peanuts rotting is the fungal attack, which manifests itself in the form of mold, a dust-like substance that you find when you either rub the peanut shell or break open the shell. Although you can dust off the mold spores but that is not enough to make the peanuts edible again. The infection remains there.




Break open a peanut shell or pick a shelled peanut and taste it. If it tastes bitter or bitterly sour, it is rotten. Also, if the peanut gives out an oily, especially an old oily, flavor, it should be discarded immediately.

Although, there are not many tips to identify rotten peanuts, whatever is mentioned here is enough for you to eat safe, so keep this tips handy.

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Tips To Identify Rotten Peanut