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Tips To Identify Rotten Garlic

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Garlic may keep the vampires away... but did you know that you also need to stay away from garlic, when it is rotten? Rotten garlic is a very unpleasant sight in itself and it can overpower your senses significantly. Therefore, here are some tips to identify rotten garlic so that you do not get frightened by it:




Garlic is naturally smelly therefore you may find this tip a little confusing. But rest assured in the fact that rotten garlic smells much worse and stronger than fresh garlic. Therefore, it should not be any difficult for you to identify rotten garlic with the help of a sharper smell.




When garlic has been stored for too long and it is beginning to rot, green sprouts start coming out of it. If your garlic has started sprouting, it is rotting so throw it away.




If the garlic is rotten, it would be softer to touch. Pick up a clove and pinch it between your fingers. If it gives way, your garlic has gone bad. Fresh garlic is always firm to touch.




The garlic cover, that papery thin peel, should be completely white and spotless. If it grayish, brownish or reddish, your garlic is unfit for consumption.




Sometimes, when you peel the garlic and slice it, it shows dark spots either on its exterior or interior flesh. This again means that garlic has begun to rot.

Now do you see how easy it is to identify rotten garlic? Keep cooking and use fresh ingredients always.


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Tips To Identify Rotten Garlic