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Tips To Identify Rotten Rice

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If stored in ideal conditions, rice doesn’t rot easily. But considering the fact that before it reaches you, rice is stored for extended periods of time and more often than not, in bulk quantities under questional storage conditions, there is every reason to believe that the rice quality may not be optimum. Hence, while buying rice from a new shop or from unknown vendor, you need to keep handy these tips to identify rotten rice:




Start with the smell. Sniff the rice and if it smells rancid, it has gone bad. Although, rice normally smells dusty, it should not be a strong dusty smell, which means, it is rotten.


Foreign Bodies


Usually when rice is rotten, it is infected with foreign matter like fungus, insect eggs, and insect carcasses. Therefore, before you use such rice as has been stored for long, you should sift through it for such foreign matter.




This is true in case of brown rice, which secretes oil and gets dusty when it rots. Take some brown rice in your hand and rub it. If it leaves minuscule granules in your hand, which you cannot see normally or if it feels greasy, it has begun to rot.




When rice goes rotten, the rice grains stick together because of the moldy remains of fungus. In case you find such rice granules, pick them out carefully.

Rice should be stored in dry, non-humid conditions so that you do not have to take the pains to identify rotten rice.

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Tips To Identify Rotten Rice