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Tips To Identify Rotten Alcohol

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Alcohol is the last thing you would expect to rot, therefore, most of you do not have any idea about how to identify rotten alcohol. Nevertheless, alcohol, be it beer or wine, does rot. Here are some tips for you to identify such alcohol:




In case of beer, if the beer has gone bad, it will have a smell like that of rotten eggs or sulfur. If the barley or hops, which are used to make beer, were not fresh, even then the beer may smell like grass. Wine also gets oxidized over a period of time and if that is the case, the wine will smell like vinegar. In both the cases the smells are easily recognizable.




The second best way to ascertain whether the alcohol has gone bad or not is to taste a drop of it. If the drink tastes like rotten fruit or vegetable, it has gone bad. In case of beer, the taste will be strongly like vinegar or stale water.




In case of any alcoholic drink, the can or the bottle bears a “sell by” or “best by” date. These manufacturing or expiry dates should be checked carefully before you buy the alcohol. In case you are going to store the drink for long, ensure that you do not do so beyond the expiry dates. Similarly, in case of wine bottles stored for long, especially if already opened, check the date before consuming it.




In case of wine, the cork, sometimes when wet, may develop mold, which is not visible to naked eyes. When you replace such a cork, it also contaminates the wine inside the bottle, which is then rendered unfit for consumption. A moldy wine gives out a musty odor.




In case of improper storage, the wine develops a sulfur odor, which is just like the smell of rotten eggs and the black end of the matchsticks.


Cooked Wine


This may come as a complete surprise to the wine lovers who are not actually familiar with the proper storage of wine. In case wine is stored in or near a warm or hot place, it can actually start cooking on its own. In that case, when poured into a wine glass, the drink goes brown in color and smells as caramelized.

Just like other ingredients, wine, beer or other alcoholic drinks should be stored properly and consumed within time limits. Also, these tips to identify rotten alcohol will help you to consume your drinks fresh and safely.

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Tips To Identify Rotten Alcohol