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Tips To Identify Rotten Nuts

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To consume rotten nuts is highly dangerous to your health, and since most of the nuts are consumed without actually being opened, it is important to identify rotten nuts. Nuts rot too and, though, they make for a delicious snack, these can also go bad easily because of the unsaturated oils, which oxidize on being exposed to the elements of nature. Take help from these tips to identify rotten nuts and eat healthy:




Try one of the nuts. If it tastes bitter or sour, it has gone bad. Try this tip definitely in case of nuts being sold loose. This tip may also come in handy in case you have nuts stored for a long time at home and you are not sure what to do with them.




Smelling the nuts will also tell you whether they are fit for consumption or simply rotten. If you get an unpleasant odor, something like a fishy smell, the nuts have gone bad. Fresh nuts have an oily smell but not too strong.




Nuts that are darker than usual in color have turned rancid. Check the nuts on the exterior and you will come to know whether they are their natural color or not.




Nuts have their own distinct shapes and they stay like that till they are fresh. In case your nuts are shriveled, dry, cracked, or moldy, then those have probably gone bad and should be discarded.


Fungal Growth


Most of the nuts, especially tree nuts, are dichotomous seeds and are highly prone to fungal attacks from ergot and molds. One of the major signs of these is black or white powdery growth around or inside the nuts. 



If you consume rotten nuts accidently, it may lead to conditions such as ergotism and aflatoxin poisoning. Therefore, always purchase nuts from a reputed store or a trustworthy vendor because these come at a huge cost and you should invest only in the good ones and not the rotten nuts.


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Tips To Identify Rotten Nuts