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Tips To Identify Rotten Carrot

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Carrots, available in so many colorful varieties, are easily subject to rot, therefore, you need to be careful to identify rotten carrot immediately before use so that you do not end up consuming bad carrots. Whether the carrot is purple, red, yellow, or white in color, fresh carrots are very easily identifiable from rotten ones. Here are the tips to do just that:





In case you have bought packed carrots at the supermarket, the easiest way would be to check the date of packaging, which should be printed on the pack. Purchase carrots, which are not going to rot soon.


Check spots


Another easy way to identify rotten carrots is to look for spots, caused by either mold or mildew. Both lend a specific discoloration to carrot skin, which may be green or white in color.


Check texture


Fresh carrots are rough in texture, with bud spots all over. In case the carrots appear limp or soft in your hands, they are probably rotten.


Check smell


Rotten carrots would have a distinctly odd smell, which is mainly due to the bacterial growth. Nevertheless, discard carrots if they give out any kind of strong smell because carrots do not give out any special smell if they are fresh.

Since carrots are mostly used in their raw form with least chances of their being cooked, therefore, it is all the more important to identify rotten carrot to nullify your chances of falling ill.

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Tips To Identify Rotten Carrot