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Tips To Identify Rotten Duck

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You may fall seriously ill if you consume rotten duck meat. Just like every other food, eating fresh duck meat is also an imperative thing. Here are some tips to identify rotten duck meat and eat safely:




Duck meat, just like a goose, is dark in color while the rotten meat is either grayish or yellowish-green in color. The discoloration, a result of development of bacteria on the meat surface, will help you identify the rotten meat.




Duck meat, just like every other meat, should be wet to touch and not slippery or slimy. Slimy, once again, is a result of bacterial growth. Therefore, if the meat is just wet, it is good but if it is slimy to touch, it has gone bad.




Smell, as in case of other rotten ingredients, is the best weapon to identify rotten duck. Sniff the meat and if you smell a putrid odor, something like sulfur, the meat is probably spoilt.




The duck meat is intact to look at but if you spot gaps or if the meat fibre is too tender to touch that it breaks down easily, then the meat is definitely rotten.

Take care to consume only fresh meat and if you feel that your duck meat is showing any of the above signs, then discard it at an earliest.

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Tips To Identify Rotten Duck