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Tips To Identify Rotten Watermelon

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Everybody loves to eat watermelon during the summer season but what gets the goat is when it comes to identifying a rotten watermelon. With the following tips to identify rotten watermelon, you will find this task a lot less difficult for you.



Check the rind



A watermelon rind is very thick and tough, therefore, it is rare that a watermelon would be spoilt inside without it showing any signs on the outside. Thus, check the rind of the watermelon very carefully for cracks, lesions, spots, etc. In case the rind is smooth, shiny, and intact, you can be assured that the watermelon is not spoilt. However, if you find molded areas or dark brown spots, the fruit is rotten.



Check the flesh



After you slice up a watermelon, check the flesh. If it looks slimy or discolored, it is probably rotten. However, if the flesh appears just dry, it is probably over riped.



Check the smell



The watermelon smell is not indistinguishable. However, instead of the fruity smell, if you  encounter a sour or foul smell, the watermelon is rotten and should discarded immediately.



Rotten Watermelon Video



Check out this video to understand how to identify a rotten watermelon in a foolproof manner.

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Tips To Identify Rotten Watermelon