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Tips To Identify Rotten Corn

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You are about to start your barbecue, in which you will also serve corn on the cob. However, when you open the packet, you smell something funny. Don't you wish you could be sure that you are not going to serve rotten corn to your guests? Well, your wish is granted with the following tips to identify rotten corn:


1) Smell


Smell the corn (whether corn on the cob or just kernels). If you face sour smell, the corn has gone bad.


2) Color


Look at the color of the kernels. If the corn kernels are not golden yellow but brown or black, this means your corn is spoilt.


3) Shape


The shape of the corn kernels should not be shrunken or dried. If it is so, then your corn is rotten.


4) Other signs


In case you are picking corn in a field, always go for corn husks that are really green in color. Press your fingernail into the husk, if it appears plump and not dried out, then it is fresh and good t use. However, if the corn kernels inside appear discolored or dry, the corn is rotten.

Identifying rotten corn is an easy task and with this blog you shouldn't be having any difficulty in doing just that.

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Tips To Identify Rotten Corn