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Tips To Identify Rotten Coconut

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555970-tips-to-identify-rotten-coconut.rotten-coconutCoconut is not just a hard nut to crack, but also one of the most difficult foods to detect rot. Due to the peculiar formation of coconut, it is several times impossible to identify rotten coconut. Since this fruit has so many delicious uses in the kitchen, it is important to know the tips to identify rotten coconut before you go out to buy it.


Handy tips to identify rotten coconuts


1. Shake it baby!

Before purchasing a coconut, whether raw green or ripe brown, always shake it. If you hear water sloshing inside, it is perfectly alright. However, if there is no sloshing sound and the coconut appears light in weight, the water has probably dried up and the coconut is rotten inside.


2. Check the eyes!

A fresh coconut has dry eyes with no funny growth around them. However, in case of rotten coconut, the eyes would be seeping.


3. Go into the Shell!

Check the coconut skin (in case of raw green) and shell (in case of ripe brown). If you see any scratches, cracks, and lesions, the coconut is rotten.


4. Check inside!

Sometimes, you may crack open a coconut and find it to be moldy inside, just as shown in the picture. The mold affects the coconut in the form of rotten brown spots, which may turn black too with time.


Coconuts are a culinary delight and for their safe use, you need to be sure that you discard the rotten ones and pick up the good ones.


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Tips To Identify Rotten Coconut