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Tips To Identify Rotten Avocado

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As a shopper, it is important for you to know how to identify rotten avocado so that you pick up only the good ones  for preparing the delicious additions to sandwiches, dips, and salads. So, get ready to acquire this skill:


Tips to Identify Sings Of Rot In Avocado

1) Skin

An avocado, which has a clean skin, is the one you should always pick. In case you find bruises, cuts, bumps, and lesions over its surface, then the avocado is probably rotten or damaged in some way. Choose an avocado with its stem on because the stem not only prevents the rot from setting in but also indicates that the fruit is fresh.


2) Firmness

Pick an avocado in your hand and squeeze it using your thumb and palm. If it gives way as being mushy and too soft, then it probably has overripened and is going to rot soon. Avoid it at any cost.


3) Color

Ripe avocados are dark green to greenish brown while rotten avocados would be dark brown to black. So, you know which ones to discard.


4) On the Inside

Sometimes, when you purchase what looks like a perfect avocado, you find the rot has set in when you finally cut it. In this case, the rot will be like brown or black spots on the avocado flesh. You may also see the seed covered in mold, which is another indication that the fruit is rotten.


There are really very few ways to tell a rotten avocado but these are foolproof. Therefore, next time you need to identify rotten avocado, you know where to look.


The Rotten Avocado Video


For those who want to have a detailed view of a rotten avocado, here is a video:


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Tips To Identify Rotten Avocado