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Tips To Identify Rotten Pineapple

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Tips to identify rotten pineappleTyring to identify a rotten pineapple is a rather difficult task when compared to, say, buying apples or bananas. This is because of the structure of this fruit, which does not give out tell tale signs of rot. Therefore, read through this blog and keep yourself abreast of the tips to identify rotten pineapple.


Tell Tale Signs Of Rot In A Pineapple


1. Color

A ripe pineapple is golden yellow in color right fromm the base of the fruit to higher up. In case it is green in color, the fruit is unripe and in case it is orange or dark yello in color, it is overripe. A rotting pineapple would be of reddish or bronze color.


2. Smell

If you find a fermented smell in your pineapple, it is over ripe and about to start rotting. However, if the smell is sweet, then it is perfect for usage. A rotting pineapple smells of vinegar. You may also try sniffing at the base of the fruit. If you detect a strong scent, the fruit is over ripe but if you can detect just a slight scent, it is perfect for consumption.


3. Touch

Touch a pineapple. If it gives way easily or if you are able poke your finger into its flesh, it has started rotting. A good pineapple should be firm to a gentle press and should yield only slightly.


4. Scales

If you are able to pick off the scales of a pineapple, it is a sureshot sign that the inside of the fruit has gone too soft, and it would sour and rotten.


We are sure that with these tips to identify rotten pineapple, you will be able to make a good choice in this fruit and will be eating safely with your family.


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Tips To Identify Rotten Pineapple