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Tips To Identify Rotten Poultry

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Tips to Identify rotten poultryWith poultry having become a staple part of the daily diet world over, eating safe has become imperative. Learn the following tips to identify rotten poultry and eat safe:



Handy Tips To Identify Rotten Egg


There is a very simple and easy test to identify whether you have a rotten egg in front of you or not. This test uses a bowl of water and nothing else but eggs. Lower the eggs one by one into the water (use fresh cold water instead of salted). Now check:

  • Fresh eggs would rest at the bottom.
  • Slightly older eggs will stay at an angle on the bottom.
  • Spoilt eggs will float.

There you go - it can't get any simpler than this. You may also check the egg shell for spots, cracks, or foul odor, to ensure that you are not throwing away a good egg but only the rotten ones.


Ways To Identify Rotten Chicken


One most serious issue we face with identifying rotten poultry is with undated packages because we do not have a "sell by date" to follow. In that case, check the chicken for the following points before you decide it is rotten:

Check Time Period: Cooked chicken should be eaten within 3 days and raw chicken within 2 days if kept in the refrigerator. Beyond that, throw away everything. In case of frozen chicken, you need to use it within 6 months.

Check The Smell: Smell the chicken. If it smells sour or bad or ammonia-like, it is rotten.

Check The Surface: Touch the chicken and check whether or not it is slimy in texture. If yes, it is rotten. Also the chicken flesh is usually pink or light pink in color. Any other color means it is beyond consumption.


Always purchase poultry as per your family needs and store it as per the instructions. Otherwise, read these tips to identify rotten poultry because we would not want you to fall ill because of it.


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Tips To Identify Rotten Poultry