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Tips To Identify Rotten Butter

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I usually purchase butter in bulk; however, recently, the butter I had kept in my refrigerator was looking strange to me. Since it was an expensive slab of butter, I had to speak to my mom to know whether I should or should not use that butter. Here are some of the tips, which my mom shared with me to identify rotten butter... 


Time tested ways to detect rotting butter


1) Butter, if stored in refrigerator, and not at room temperature, should be firm, with a waxy exterior. When used to spread, it should spread evenly. If you find that the butter is either too hard or too runny even after refrigeration, this means the butter is on its way to rot.


2) Butter is pale yellow in color (in some regions of the world, it is also white) but other than that, if you look at the butter and see it as either too yellow or too pale, this clearly means that the butter is rotten.


3) Butter usually smells just like a dairy product, with a bit salty smell in between. If the butter appears to smell stale, rancid, fruity, or cheesy, it has spoilt. It should be discarded.


4) This simple test will help you recognize rotten butter easily. Cut a small slice from the slab of butter and check the outer and inner surfaces. If the color is different, meaning if the outer side is darker in color than the inner side, this means the butter has been oxidized and is not suitable for use.


5) This is a very, very easy way to acknowledge the edibility of butter. If you see certain blackish or moldy spots on the butter, this means butter is unsuitable for further use.


We all love butter in our meals, just like me and since we purchase it in bulk, it is important that we are aware of the tips to identify rotten butter so that when needed, we can take the right decision.


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Tips To Identify Rotten Butter