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Tips To Identify Rotten Vegetable

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Even though, including vegetables in daily diet is a healthy habit, veggies if not fresh can cause more harm than good. Rotten veggies can harbor multiple pathogens responsible for life threatening infections like listeriosis and salmonellosis. Therefore, we bring you tips to identify rotten vegetable, so that you make the right choice in life:



Handy Tips To Identify Rot In Vegetables


1. Microorganisms


Most of the rotten vegetables are infested with bacteria, yeast or mold, which manifest itself in the form of signs like fuzzy patches, bad taste and rotten smell. Keep your eyes open for any of these signs on your vegetables before purchasing them.


2. Use Your Senses


Since vegetables come in a lot of varieties these days, there are as many ways to identify rotten vegetables. If a vegetable exterior is looking bruised or slimy, it has lived its life already. Several vegetables, like squash, potato, carrots, bell pepper, which must be firm, should not be bought if these are squishy or soft to touch. Similarly, green leafy vegetables must have clean and spotless leaves, otherwise, they are not suitable for consumption.


3. Buying Vegetables For Raw Consumption


We usually purchase vegetables for raw consumption too, like raw sprouts. Since we will not be cooking them, it is important to either purchase such ingredients from a trustworthy store or make sprouts at home.


4. Pesticides


Pesticides are commonplace these days and a cause of vegetables rotting faster. Since most of us purchase vegetables to be stored for long durations, it is important to ensure that the vegetables are not only fresh but also pesticide-free. This is necessary because if we purchase pesticide-infested vegetables, and store them without being washed, the chemicals may induce rot in them and render them inedible by the time we think of using them.


Always ensure that you wash the vegetables thoroughly before using them and store them for not so long durations. We hope our tips to identify rotten vegetables will be helpful for you in maintaining a healthy and safe diet.


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Tips To Identify Rotten Vegetable