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Tips To Identify Rotten Banana

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A rotten banana is probably the easiest fruit to be identified in its rotten state. For starters, its yellow skin becomes dark brown and it starts giving out a foul smell. However, since you may encounter a rotten banana in various stages of rot, read on to know how you can identify rotten banana with the help of a number of signs:




An overripe banana will be 'sensitive to touch,' which means it will give way to handling. Pick a banana in your palm and squeeze it gently, if it appears squishy, it is better suitable for the dust bin than your stomach.




A banana skin may have spots, both black and brown, which means it is alright to be eaten. However, if the black is a bit too black or brown a bit too brown, then you need to check closely. Also the skin should not be bruised or cracked, which might mean that the fruit inside might be infested with bacteria.


Sell By Date


In case you are buying packaged bananas, check the expiry date. Buy it only if you can consume all the bananas within stipulated time, especially because bananas are a delicate fruit with a delicate skin and, therefore, unsuitable for being stored for a long time.


Identifying rotten banana may be easier in comparison to other ingredients but there is a very fine line between a ripe and overripe banana. So, keep these tips handy, just in case.


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Tips To Identify Rotten Banana