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Tips To Identify Rotten Cheese

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So you think you can identify rotten cheese on your own. Well, did you know that soft cheeses differ from hard cheeses in the way they rot? Therefore, there are different ways to identify both the cheeses in their rotten state. Here we bring you the tips to identify rotten soft cheese.




Please understand that you cannot keep soft cheeses for long periods in your refrigerator. To maintain the freshness of the cheese, that you use at home, buy only those cheese, which have the most recent manufacturing date. At home, do not stock cheese for more than its stipulated life even if you are tempted to cook it beyond its stipulated date.




Look into the cheese container and check if the cheese has a creamy consistency, without air pockets or cracks in between. Both air pockets and cracks are a sign that the cheese a tad bit too old.




A spoilt cheese would show signs of mold on its surface, especially if it has been exposed to air through faulty packaging. Mold is basically a fungal growth, that can render the cheese inedible even if it is scratched off the surface.




Once again, smell is the best way to determine whether the cheese is rotten or not. Bring the cheese close to your nose and smell it for any spoilt dairy smell like curdled milk or similar stench. Please remember that a safe cheese would have no special smell except for a rich dairy smell. Similarly, a spoilt cheese would give out an excessively ripe smell. Discard if it is the latter.


Tips To Identify Dairy Products Gone Bad


With changing lifestyle, we are beginning to use packaged dairy products in almost every meal. Since time is of essence, it is important to use these products safely. Here is a video, which can help you to learn if your dairy products have gone bad or not. In the following video, you will be able to detect how to identify rotten dairy products. Since dairy products are an integral part of our diet, we hope this video will be helpful for you too:


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Tips To Identify Rotten Cheese