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Tips To Identify Rotten Chicken

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Tips to identify rotten chicken

God forbid if you ever eat a chicken gone bad because the bacteria present in a spoilt chicken can cause some serious illness. The recent example is the salmonella outbreak. Even though, the salmonella bacteria can be killed by cooking the chicken thoroughly, several other pathogenic bacteria are present in the chicken that are not affected by cooking. What is worst is the fact that they can leave behind potentially deadly toxin. Therefore, if you have old frozen chicken in your freezer or if you are buying chicken from the supermarket, make sure to identify rotten chicken so that you can pick the right ingredient for your cooking.


Essential Tips To Detect Rotten Chicken


1. Check Expiry Date


If you are purchasing packaged chicken, the easiest way to identify rotten chicken will be to check the sell by date. If the package is close to its "Expiry" date, then decide how soon you can consume it and purchase it only if you do not intend to keep it for long in your refrigerator.


2. Check Time Period


Raw chicken should not be kept in the refrigerator for more than 2 days while the frozen chicken should be eaten within six months of freezing. In case of leftover chicken, eat it within 72 hours of being cooked and stored.


3. Check The Smell


Smelling an ingredient for its rottenness is perhaps the best way to identify rotten chicken. If you smell a sour or bad odor, or an ammonia-like scent, there should be no question as to what you need to do with the chicken. Just throw it in the bin.


4. Check The Surface


Take the chicken in your hand and feel it for any slimy or withered texture on the surface. Chicken is naturally whitish pink or pink in color. Therefore, if the color has changed to grey or yellowish pink, it probably is beyond its consumption time.


5. Check The Taste


This one is for cooked chicken. Pick a morsel of chicken in your mouth and chew it slightly. If you encounter foul taste or funny smell in the mouth, do not swallow it. 


Don'ts with Rotten Chicken


1. Do not feed rotten chicken to your pets or stray animals because it can have the same effect on them as it would have on you.

2. Do not cook a chicken gone bad because even if you cook it thoroughly, you might not be able to get rid of the toxins left behind by the bacteria.


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Tips To Identify Rotten Chicken