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Tips To Identify Rotten Pumpkin

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Every Halloween we see hordes of Americans shopping for the best possible pumpkins; while choosing a pumpkin in itself is not a difficult task, it is important to identify rotten pumpkin. This will help prevent the unnecessaty heart ache of having taken home a bad fruit. Here is how you go about it:-




Look carefully and see if there are any visible cuts or chunks of fruit missing from the pumpkin. Pumpkin should typically be orange, green, or a mix of both colors. However, if the pumpkin appears green in circular clumps, instead of being a part of the shell, then it may be mold or some other diseases and the fruit is not edible.




Touch the pumpkin shell, especially paying attention to the texture. If it is spongy, mushy or soft, then it means that the pumpkin is over-ripe. The pumpkin shell should be firm and smooth.




Put your nose to the pumpkin, near the stem and on the bottom. If you feel there is even a slight trace of foul odor, your pumpkin is already rotting. In case of severe rot, the pumpkin will emanate a more pungent smell.




Take the pumpkin in your hands and weigh it. If the fruit feels excessively heavy, or you can hear the liquid moving inside, then the fruit has probably rotten. Don't pick it up.

As you can see, identifying rotten pumpkin is not that difficult. So, next time you are planning to use pumpkin for culinary or ornamental purpose, keep this blog in mind.

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Tips To Identify Rotten Pumpkin