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Tips To Identify Rotten Meat

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A bad smell is a sureshot indicator of a meat gone spoilt. Smell the meat properly and you will know the difference, especially if you are a seasoned cook. But, then again, not all of us are experienced cooks and we need help to idenify rotten ingredients. Therefore, we bring you tips to identify rotten meat so that you can cook safe and eat safe:


Tips to identify rottng meat


Smell the Meat


As mentioned earlier, smell is the best and the easiest way to identify whether the meatis rotten or not. When the bacteria inside the meat break it down, the meat changes smell. It starts smelling like ammonia or sulfur smell. You may also experience a rancid smell or flavor in the meat, which means bacteria has started multiplying.


Look at the Color


Fresh meat is usually pink to dark pink in color. If your slab of meat is not pinkish in color, or is probably grey, green or brown, this means bacteria or yeast has spoiled the meat. Simple fading or darkening of meat, though, is normal and may be caused due to freezer burn.


Other Changes


Even when you store the meat in refrigerators, you may notice actual mold colonies developing over the meat. the meat exterior starts giving out a slime-like feel on being touched. In case of worse scenarios, you may notice maggots or other insects in the meat, which is again an indication that the meat is inedible.


How To Prevent Spoilage of Meat


You must be wondering by now that how can you prevent this from happening to you. Well, first of all you need to wrap the meat properly so that it does not have freezer burn. Meat can be stored in the refrigerator for about 4 days but after that it needs to be frozen, after which it can last for up to 6 months. One more thing, cooked meat will not taste as good as the fresh meat.

We love to eat meat in our daily diet and use it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We hope this blog will help you serve fresh and clean meat to your family after you have learnt to identify rotten meat.


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Tips To Identify Rotten Meat