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Tips To Identify Rotten Apple

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You have probably heard the phrase "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" a million times, but no one tells you how to identify a rotten apple, so that you eat only the good apple every day. Well, we thought of that and here are the tips to help you identify rotten apple:

The most serious problems that inflict apples include fireblight (caused by a bacteria), Gymnosporangium rust, and black spot (both caused by fungi). Apples generally rot over a period of time and mold and fungus are the two quickest causes of degradation. In fact, even exposing the fruit to heat can cause its oxidization. While bruises and punctures are the obvious means to identify a rotten apple, there are other means too:


Classic signs of rotten apple

1) Oxidation 


When an apple is oxidized, its flesh turns brown. This may happen after an apple is sliced and left in open air or if its skin breaks open. One way to keep the sliced apples from turning brown is to store them in acidic water. Keeping them in refrigerator also slows down the oxidization.


2) Apple Rot 


This disease can be identified from the apple skin itself. Fungi takes hold of the apples, usually through a puncture. The fungi feeds on the apple flesh and produces pectic enzymes, which break down the pectin in the apple, thus producing molds of different patterns.


3) Humidity, Light and Heat 


An apple is also subject to certain environmental factors like humidity, light, and heat, which rotten it. Such condition is usually reflected in brown spots (mostly circular) on the apple skin, brown apple flesh, etc.


Other conditions that you need to identify in case of apples are  mildew (light grey powdery patches), Apple scab (brown spots found on apple leaves).


Apples are one of the most delicious fruits known to mankind and we are sure you will enjoy your apple a day with these tips to identify rotten apple.


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Tips To Identify Rotten Apple