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Tips to Buy Shrimps

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Chef John Engelhorn goes ON THE ROAD with COOKING SOLUTIONS to choose the scallops & shrimp for his next recipe...and for you at home!

We go to a Rhode Island seafood market, called CAPTAIN'S CATCH!


Shot on location in settings ranging from backyards and kitchens to parks and marinas, Cooking Solutions shows you, in easy step-by-step visuals, how to cook great tasting food. The show covers full recipe cooking as well as short "tips" on the preparation of meat, fish and sauces for easy, flavorful cooking. In the "on-the-road" segments, Chef John Engelhorn takes you into local markets and explains how to select the right cuts of meat, the freshest fish and the best vegetables for many different dishes. From "decks to docks," Cooking Solutions is a visual smorgasbord.

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How to buy shrimps
Choosing right shrimps makes lot of difference to your food. The fresh pieces taste better and absorb flavor better. Let’s see how chef John Engelhorn selects shrimps for his next recipe.

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Tips To Buy Shrimps Video, How To Buy Shrimps