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Gift Onion: How to Tips & Ideas

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gift onionYou can gift onion to those who love cooking as onions are used in most of the recipes. The budget of the gift must also be decided beforehand, as it will help you decide about the varieties of onions that should be purchased to be  gifted. Decorate the gift properly and it will  be a big hit amongst the recipients.

How to Choose the Best Onions to Gift

There are different types of onions available in the market. You can gift either buy pungent or sweet varieties, depending upon the use. Pick that variety of onion that meets your purpose.


Common onion group (A. cepa)

The diversity that A. cepa group covers is the most commonly consumed onions. Pungent varieties used added to dried soups or used for making onion powder and the sweet onions that can be eaten on a sandwich, all belong to this group.


European onions

Popular European onions include:

Cipolla Rossa di Tropea which is a red onion.

Cipollotto Nocerino which is a spring/salad onion.

Oignon doux des Cévennes which is a sweet onion.


Aggregatum group

This group consists of shallots and potato onions. These have very small bulbs and are usually used to make salads.


Species often confused with A. cepa

Scallions, which are produced from the Welsh onion are often confused with A. cepa as they resemble each other a lot. Upon observing carefully, one can easily distinguish between the two by the dissimilarity in their leaves.  


Ways to Gift Onion

  • An assortment of different varieties of onions can be packed together in a decorative platter and gifted away.
  • Homemade dishes that use onion as one of the major ingredients can be cooked, packed in a box and gifted. You can gift crispy onion pakodas, or creamed onions.
  • The ingredients of a simple onion-based recipe, such as baked onions, can be added as layers in a jar.


Packaging Ideas for Presenting Onion

Onions can be added to a box/basket that can be beautifully decorated. Add shredded papers as the lining of the basket/box and then place onions over the base. Place them carefully and decorate the box using colorful ribbons and trinkets to complete the gift.


You can use your own creative ideas or add a personal touch in order to gift onion.


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Gift Onion: How To Tips & Ideas