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Gift Wedding Cake: How to Tips & Ideas

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gift wedding cake

When you gift wedding cake to a friend, you tend to make his/her wedding reception extra special. Before presenting a cake, you must find out preferences of the receiver, if any, and customize your gift correspondingly. A unique and nice packaging makes any gift look attractive. Read on for some simple and easy ideas for gifting cakes.


How to Choose the Best Wedding Cake to Gift

There are different varieties of wedding cake that are available in the market, choose the one which suits the taste as well as the dietary limitations of the recipient. Traditionally, wedding cake was made from a fruitcake but these days it may be a carrot cake, a chocolate sponge, or a vanilla sponge. Wedding cupcakes is yet another trend these days. For making layers, thee cupcakes are placed one over the other on top a stand and finally decorated in wedding colors. These cakes are often decorated with flowers.


Ways to Gift Wedding Cake

  • You can bake a multi-layered or tiered cake at home, decorate it, and gift it.


  • A platter of wedding cupcakes may also be gifted.


  • A cake knife, a bouquet of flowers, and a bottle of wine are some of the suggested accompaniments.



  • The wedding cake can also be purchased from an online store form where it can be shipped directly to the recipient’s address.


Packaging Ideas for Presenting Wedding Cake

The cake must be iced and decorated properly and then packed in a box. The box can be adorned with some ribbons and trinkets.


It is a great idea to gift wedding cake to express your love for a friend or a loved one. Personalize the cake using some creative ideas to make it a memorable gift.  


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Color full nice cake...really love it.......
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lovely ideas
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Won't the icing be spoiled during the transit?
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Exotic Wedding cakes are become quite famous in India these days.
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Amazing! Weddding Cake here is simply awesome and irresistible !!
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The pic is lovely...
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Wow... gorgeous wedding cake and nice idea... really thoughtful to gift the wedding cake for the wedding... Thanks a lot!
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Grt ideas, to surprise the wedding couple.......
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Wow. exciting this is. but i need to fist learn how to bake one nicely ;)
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Who doesn’t like cakes and gifting cakes is a very good idea. Wedding is a special occasion and the Wedding cake is very important for the occasion. Whether to bake or buy, it is going to special anyway.
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Yummy....why are sweet dishes so sinful...i envy people who can eat a lot yet do not put on those extra pounds
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Why gift a wedding cake? Isn't it part of ones wedding expenses :P But this gifting idea is a good one.
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great way to make some truly feel special
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Great ideas....really innovative
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That wedding cake looks so nice! If it were at a wedding that I was attending, I doubt it would have made it to the reception :P
Gift Wedding Cake: How To Tips & Ideas