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Gift Dates : How to Tips & Ideas

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gift datesWho doesn’t like dates? You can gift dates to anyone, irrespective of their age and gender. Just make sure that you add the varieties of dates according to the preference of the recipient.


How to Choose the Best Dates to Gift

Whether you shop for dates online or at some local store, make sure you buy the best quality dates. They must be soft and fresh. In case you are aware of any allergies of the recipient, choose the dates accordingly. There are several high quality dates, including:

Gaza Strip, particularly Dier al Balah, which are exceptionally sweet red dates.

Thoory, which are brown-red dry dates.

Sayer, soft and syrupy ornage-brown dates.

Umelkhashab, bittersweet dates with bright red skin.

Zaghloul, long and crunchy dates. These are best served fresh.  

And many more. Make your choice judiciously.


 Ways to Gift Dates

  • For gifting dates, the finest fresh dates can be combined with other fruits. They can be arranged in a platter for gifing. Whether as a gift for an anniversary, Christmas, or as a hostess gift, this gift will surely please the recipient.


  • Yet another idea is to include an assortment of fresh and dried dates.


  • You may also buy a readymade dates basket from an online store. See if it can be shipped to the recipient directly. Take your time when shopping online to ensure that you find the highest quality.


  • You can make a dates gift basket at home too.


  • You can prepare a couple of dates recipes at home and gift them. You may cook, date balls, date cakes, or date biscuits.


Packaging Ideas for Presenting Dates

Dates can be packed in decorative fabric pouches, wooden boxes, trays, or basket. Choose the size of the packaging thing according to the amount that has to filled in it. Arrange the products neatly and finish the basket/box/tray by decorating with colorful ribbons along with a message tag.


 Decide the budget to gift dates before you start its preparation. The budget will determine what all varieties you will be able to gift.


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Gift Dates : How To Tips & Ideas