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Gift Brandy: How to Tips & Ideas

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If you are thinking of a perfect gift for men, then gift brandy. This spirit can be presented on several occasions including anniversary, birthdays, bachelor’s party, or even Christmas.

It is classically an after-dinner drink. Fruit flavor or some other flavor is often added to it. Find out the personal choice of the recipient and add the bottles accordingly.


How to Choose the Best Brandy to Gift

When buying brandy to gift to someone, make sure you buy the best quality brandy. There are mainly three types of brandy.


  • Grape brandy, which is prepared on distilling of fermented grapes. Conac, Pisco, American Brandy, and Armagnac are the most popular grape brandy.
  • Fruit brandy, which is prepared by distilling fruits other than grapes. These ones are mostly colorless. Popular versions include Applejack, Rakia, Buchu, German Schnaps, and Calvados.
  • Pomace brandy, which is obtained by distilling and fermenting grape skins, stems, and seeds. Examples of pomace brandy include Macedonian grozdova, French marc, Italian grappa, Romanian tescovină, and Cretan tsikoudia.


Ways to Gift Brandy

  • Brandy is either served neat or on the rocks. So just giving away a bottle of brandy with a bow on it will please a brandy lover.
  • Brandy is often mixed with other beverages to form popular cocktails, such as Brandy Alexander, the Brandy Sour, the Sidecar, and the Brandy Old Fashioned. Therefore, it is a good idea to add two cocktail glasses, and some snacks to go with these drinks.
  • Flavored brandy  is sometimes to soups, meat, and desserts. Either you can add the recipe of cakes or pies that use brandy, or you may make them at home and then gift. For further information on cooking with brandy, you can refer to the article on “how to cook with brandy”.


Packaging Ideas for Presenting Brandy

Brandy can either be gifted in a box or a basket. Bottles can be wrapped in satin fabric before being placed in a box/basket. Fancy ribbons or some trinkets can be used to decorate the gift. A gift tag can be added for remembrance.


Follow these tips if you ever gift brandy. An appealing packaging and high quality brandy will definitely help you win the heart of the receiver.


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Gift Brandy: How To Tips & Ideas