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Gift Lobster: How to Tips & Ideas

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gifting lobsterYou can gift lobster to those who love seafood. Lobsters are delicious and highly prized seafood. This gift will surely be a big hit amongst people who receive it. There are several varieties of lobster, therefore, customize the stuff as per the preference of the recipient to make it an unforgettable gift for him/her.


How to Choose the Best Lobster to Gift

When buying lobster, buy the fresh ones. Lobsters are broadly classified into three categories including clawed, spiny, and slipper lobsters, while there are numerous other species. For more information on how to buy the best quality lobster, refer to the other article on “tips to buy fresh seafood”. 


Ways to Gift Cookies

  • An assortment of lobsters can be packed together in a platter and gifted away.
  • Homemade lobster recipes, such as lobster bisque, lobster chili, or steamed lobster can be gifted. It will be a great personalized gift.
  • The ingredients for making a simple lobster recipe can be packed in a box
  • A recipe cookbook that has simple as well as exotic lobster recipes can be added along with other gift items.   


Packaging Ideas for Presenting Lobster

Lobster can be placed in a box/basket that is beautifully decorated. Select the basket/box size according to the number of things you wish to fill in the basket. You may buy a straw basket, or a wicker box. Alternatively, a tin, a plastic container, or a seasonal container may also be used. Embellish the basket with some trinkets and ribbons or buy a decorative basket that does not need any decoration at all.


Add shredded paper, hand towels, colored napkins, baby blankets, tissue paper, colored towels or fabric pieces as the base and fillers. Place the things you want to give over this base. Finally wrap the basket/conatiner using a cellophane sheet and seal it. Add a colorful bow along with a message tag on top. 


You can use your own creative ideas or add a personal touch when you gift lobster. They make the perfect gifts for any occasion and are appreciated by all.



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Gift Lobster: How To Tips & Ideas