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Gift Kiwi: How to Tips & Ideas

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gifting kiwiIf you want to gift kiwi fruit to someone on an occasion, you will find some very useful gifting and packaging tips here. Find out preferences of the receiver, if any, and customize your gift accordingly. A unique and nice packaging makes any gift look attractive. Read on for some simple and easy ideas for presenting kiwi.


How to Choose the Best Kiwi to Gift

Pick up fresh kiwis. Make sure the ones that you choose do not have any blemishes or bruises. 


Ways to Gift Kiwi

  • You may buy either canned kiwis or gift fresh kiwis. In case the gift has to be sent far away, canned kiwis will be a better option as they will not perish away soon. 
  • In addition to the fruit, other kiwi flavored items, such as kiwi jam, and kiwi pastries will be great accompaniments.
  • Crafted kiwis will be a unique addition.
  • It is a great idea to make homemade kiwi recipes, such as kiwi cooler, kiwi salad, or fruit dessert and gift them away. 
  • Other fruits may be added according to the personal choice of the recipient.


Packaging Ideas for Presenting Kiwi

  • Use colorful shredded paper filling to serve as the base of the kiwi box/basket. Place the kiwis and other accompaniments on top the base and fill in the paper in between the kiwis to fit them tightly. For more details on making an eye-catchy kiwi gift basket, refer to the link fruits gift basket ideas
  • Pack the kiwis very carefully such that they are not ruined.


Gift kiwi to those who love its flavor! Add complementing accompaniments. Decorate the gift properly and it will not fail to impress the recipient.


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Gift Kiwi: How To Tips & Ideas