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English Gift Basket Ideas

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English Gift Basket

An English gift basket is the perfect gift for occasions, such as New Year or Christmas. It will be one of those memorable gifts for those who love this cuisine. Find out about any specific preferences or dietary limitations of the recipient.  This will help you make the basket more special for the receiver. The ideas given in this article will help you in delighting your friend with a lovely gift basket.


Foods to Include in An English Gift Basket

Pies and pasty – Meat pies form a popular part of the English tradition. Pork pie, steak pie, Cornish pasty, fisherman’s pie, and savory flans can be added to the basket.


Cheese – Cheddar cheese is certainly the most popular type of cheese amongst the British. It has several variations. A few traditional regional varieties include - Tangy Cheshire, pungent Lincolnshire Poacher, Sage Derby, creamy Double Gloucester, Red Leicester, salty Caerphilly, and sweet Wensleydale. These can be purchased from specialty shops.


Teatime meal accompaniments – Add scones, fairy cakes (small sponge cakes which are either iced or plain), assorted biscuits, jam, and sandwiches to the basket as these are popularly eaten with tea by the British.


Alcoholic Drinks – Include bottles of rum, beer, brandy, wine and whiskey to the English gift basket as all these alcoholic drinks are commonly consumed by the British people.


English Gift Basket Ideas: The Basket

When making the basket at home, you must first of all decide the budget. There may be a huge difference in the price of English foods that you buy from a local sore and those which are purchased from a specialty shop or online store.  A pre-decided budget will make your planning smooth. The add-ons that have to be added to the basket also depend on the budget to an extent. Several retailers offer discounts. See if you are lucky enough to get one.


You can decorate a simple basket using flowers. Use shredded paper to make its base and add the items neatly on top. Cover the basket with a cellophane sheet and add a gift tag along with a bow on top to complete the look of the basket.


Follow these tips and techniques for making an English gift basket and you will surely receive appreciation from the receiver.


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English Gift Basket Ideas