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German Gift Basket Ideas

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German Gift Basket

German gift basket can be gifted on any occasion. Before making the basket, you must decide your budget and then plan things accordingly. In case the stuff that you need for the basket isn’t available at any local store in town, find them on online stores. Keep in mind the food preferences and the dietary limitations of the recipient, if any, while packing the basket. Here are some simple ideas which can help you in making the perfect German gift basket. 


German Gift Basket Ideas: Foods to Include

Meat - Pork, beef, and poultry are most commonly consumed in Germany. Add then to the basket.


Spices – the food in Germany is not very spicy. Commonly used spices include parsley, thyme, laurel, juniper berries, chives, black pepper, and caraway. Cardamom, anise seed as well as cinnamon are often added to sweet cakes. In recent times, spices and herbs namely sage, oregano, basil, and hot chili peppers have also become popular in German cuisine. Add some of these to the basket.


Dessert – Since desserts may be spoilt when placed inside the basket, you can the recipe for popular ones including cheesecake, German doughnuts, and Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest cake).


Breads – Include Germany’s popular breads, such as rye-wheat bread, whole-grain bread, toast bread, white bread, multi-grain, and sunflower seeds in dark rye bread.


German Gift Basket Ideas: The Basket

A wicker basket or a straw basket is an ideal choice for making the gift basket. Decorate the basket a little bit using flowers. Use shredded paper, napkins, or hand towels as liners for the basket. Arrange the products one-by-one on top of the base. Then pack the basket with cellophane. Make sure that the plastic wrap you use is suggested for direct contact with food items. For packing it, place the basket in the centre of the cellophane which must be about 3 times bigger than the size of the basket. Pull the sides of the cellophane sheet upwards and secure it using a ribbon. Complete the look of the basket by adding some colorful ribbons and trinkets along with a gift tag on top.


You can make a perfect German gift basket by following these steps. You may further use your own creativity and add some personal touches.


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German Gift Basket Ideas