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Chicago Gift Basket Ideas

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Chicago Gift Basket

Chicago gift basket can be gifted on any occasion. This basket has to be filled with Chicago foods and specialties which is why it will be loved by those who are fond of the cuisine of Chicago. Pack the basket with foods that are liked by the recipient and see to it that you do not add foods which the recipient may be allergic to. Here are some ideas for making the perfect Chicago gift basket.


Chicago Gift Basket Ideas: Foods to Include

Chicago hotdog - A hot dog is a popular snack in Chicago. It’s actually a sausage which is served inside a sliced bun. You can sauces, such as mustard sauce, tomato sauce, mayonnaise which are added to the hotdog.


Deep dish pizza – Add the ingredients for making a deep dish pizza to the basket.


Italian beef sandwiches – Italian beef is a popular ingredient of Chicago cuisine. Adding Italian beef sandwiches will definitely delight the receiver.


Chicago Gift Basket Ideas: The Basket

Pick up a basket of appropriate size. Buy a bigger size than what you exactly require. A decorative basket will be a better buy than a simple one as you will save the time that would have otherwise been consumed in decorating the basket to make it eye-catchy. Make the base of the basket by laying shredder paper or kitchen towels on it. Then begin arranging the goodies on top. If empty space remains between the stuff, fill it with colored shredded paper.Do not add any perishable goods to the basket as they may ruin the basket. Use cellophane sheet to cover the basket. Place the basket in the middle of the sheet and pull the sides up. Seal it with a ribbon and add a gift tag on it.


An appealing variety of Chicago gift baskets is available in several online stores also. But you may have to raise your budget a bit if you want to buy a readymade one. Moreover, you may not have the option to customize it according to the needs of the recipient. Hence, it is recommended that you make the Chicago gift basket at home.


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Chicago Gift Basket Ideas