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Houston Gift Basket Ideas

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Houston gift basket is a thoughtful gift which can be given to those who love cooking or those who love the cuisine of Houston. It can be given foe any occasion, such as Christmas, New Year, or birthday. Add to it Houston’s specialties which are recipient’s favorite. If the recipient has any dietary restrictions, keep them in mind while packing the gift basket. Make your basket appealing and eye-pleasing by decorating it a little bit.


Houston Gift Basket Ideas: Foods to Include


Baked Pretzels- These foods are prepared using dough in a distinctive knot-like shape. They can be made soft or hard and savory or sweet. Add the recipe.


Black and White Cookie - A black and white cookie is a soft shortbread whose white part is due to the icing of vanilla fondant, and the black half is made using dark chocolate fondant. Add the recipe of this cookie.


Muffins, reuben sandwich, beer and strip steak can be purchased from a specialty store and arranged neatly over the base in the basket.


Houston Gift Basket Ideas: The Basket

  1. Pick up a basket of appropriate size and type.  Make sure that it is durable. Choose a size larger than the actual size you need so that you do not end up overloading your basket with the selected stuff.


  1. Lay a lining of napkins, shredded paper, or kitchen towels as the base and arrange the foods over it. The lining will lend an organized look to the basket. Add paper cuttings as filler in between the products, id needed. Keep the bottles safely into the basket and cover them with some durable wrapping in order to avoid breakage.


  1. Avoid adding any perishable foods to the basket as tend to spoil soon and ruin the basket too.


Add some colorful ribbons and trinkets to brighten up a simple basket. Use some artificial flowers to add elegance to it. Your homemade Houston gift basket is ready. Surprise your friend or family member with the beautiful gift.


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Houston Gift Basket Ideas