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Washington Gift Basket Ideas

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washington_gift_basketWashington gift basket is an appropriate gift for any occasion. This basket filled with Washington foods and specialties will be a treat for those who love this cuisine. Add foods as per the recipient’s choice and avoid anything that fall under the dietary limitations of the receiver, if any. Follow these simple tips for making a perfect gift basket without spending too much money.


Washington Gift Basket Ideas: Foods to Include


Hotdogs – A hot dog is basically a sausage which is served inside a sliced bun. The common hot dog ingredients that you can add include - by-products of meat and fat; flavorings including salt, paprika, and garlic; preservatives including sodium erythorbate and sodium nitrite and sauces, such as mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise.


Seafood – Fish, cod, turtles and lobsters are some seafood varieties which are consumed by the American people. If you add these to the basket, it will become a wonderful treat for an American receiver.


Alcoholic Drinks - Add bottles of beer, wine, rum and whiskey to the basket.


Reuben sandwich, muffins, and strip steak can be purchased from a specialty store and arranged neatly over the base in the basket.


Washington Gift Basket Ideas: The Basket

Buy a decorative basket from the market. Make sure it it is slightly bigger in size than what you exactly require. Here you will not have to get into the hassles of decorating the basket as it is already presentable. Just lay some shredded paper, colored napkins, or hand towels as the lining of the basket. Add the chosen foods on top of this base. If empty space remains between the stuff, fill it with colored shredded paper. A cellophane sheet is the best option to cover the basket. Cut the sheet about 3 times bigger than the basket. Place the basket in the middle of the sheet and pull its sides up. Secure using a ribbon.


A variety of Washington gift baskets are available in various online stores also. It may require you to raise your budget and you may not get the choice of modifying its products as per the preference of the recipient. Therefore, nothing is better than making a Washington gift basket at home.


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Washington Gift Basket Ideas