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Philadelphia Gift Basket Ideas

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Philadelphia gift baskets are popular gift baskets that can be given on any occasion. A Philadelphia food lover will surely be delighted to receive it. You do not have to spend a lot of money in making it. Here’s how you can make it cheaply and easily.


Philadelphia Gift Basket Ideas: Foods to Include

German butter cake—You can add this cake which is a favorite among the people of Philadelphia. It is a rich pound cake that has a soft, pudding-like centre. It is often confused with St. Louis cake or traditional butter cake.


Cheese sauce —Cheese sauce is a gooey, orange-colored, dairy condiment. You can add the ingredients for making it. Philadelphians usually add cheese sauce to several food items, including French fries and pretzels. If you think of buying readymade cheese sauce from a store, buy the nationally distinguished brand, Cheez Whiz.


Pork roll – When making Philadelphia gift basket, pork roll must be essentially added as it is regarded to be a part of the Philadelphia gastronomic tradition.


Peanut Chews – It is a popular Philadelphian candy which was initially produced in 1917. You will easily get it at specialty store.


Spiced wafers – It is a type of cookie sold in the autumn season in Philadelphia. Buy it from specialty stores.


Spirits – Add bottles of Vieux Carré Absinthe, Beer, Bluecoat Gin and Penn 1681 Vodka. These are the most popular alcoholic drinks consumed by the Philadelphians.


Philadelphia Gift Basket Ideas: The Basket

Choose a basket for packing the selected Philadelphia foods. You may pick a wicker basket, straw basket, seasonal container, tin, laundry basket, plastic container or any large tea pot. Use ribbons to decorate the basket in order to make it look presentable. Then form the base of the gift basket by using colored napkins, shredded paper, hand towels, kitchen towels, tea towels, colored towels or fabric pieces. Pack the basket with a cellophane sheet after you have arranged the stuff on top of the base. Use a ribbon to tie the sheet. Add a bow along with a gift tag on top. 


A Philadelphia gift basket is the perfect choice of gift for people of any age or gender. Loads of appreciation will come your way from anyone who will be lucky enough to receive this basket as a memorable present.


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Philadelphia Gift Basket Ideas