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African Gift Basket Ideas

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An African gift basket is the best gift for the Africans or those who love African food. Customize the gift basket according to the preferences of the recipient and this will become a memorable gift for him/her. Follow the African gift basket ideas mentioned below and delight your friend like never before.


African Gift Basket Ideas: Foods to Include

Different parts of Africa have different food specialties and likings. While making the basket, it is safe to include some foods from every zone in case you are not aware of the area or the preferences of the receiver.


The basic ingredients used in food in Central Africa are plantains and cassava. You can definitely add them. Local ingredients including chilies, tomato, onions, peppers and peanut butter must be added to the basket. One common dish is groundnut stew. Add its recipe and ingredients which include peanut, okra, chicken, ginger and other spices. Add beef and chicken which are the most favorite meats and are mostly consumed by the Africans. Lamb, impala and ostrich are also eaten.


Fruits are well-liked by the people of Africa. Add fruits including oranges, apples, avocado, bananas, peaches, grapes, papayas, mangoes and apricots. Angolan Cocada amarela is a popular African Dessert. Add its recipe and some ingredients too, if possible.  Last but not least, add some alcoholic beverages as Africans love them. European-style beers and Miller beer are among the favorites.


African Gift Basket Ideas: The Basket

Pick up a readymade decorative basket which does not need much decoration further. Add a base using napkins, kitchen towels or shredded paper and place the products neatly on top. Add shredded paper as filler, if required. Do not use up a lot of money for making the gift basket eye-catchy. Decide a budget and work accordingly. Just picking up one nice central item that adds to the appeal of the basket is enough to make it attractive. Cover the African gift basket with cellophane, seal it and add a bow along with a gift tag.  


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African Gift Basket Ideas