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San Antonio Gift Basket Ideas

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San Antonio gift basket is a special gift basket that can be used for any occasion. Add to it receiver’s favorite San Antonio foods and that will make the basket even more special for the recipient. Apart from the preferences, you must also know if the receiver has any dietary limitations so that you pick up things for the basket accordingly.


San Antonio Gift Basket Ideas: Foods to Include

Seafood – Fish, cod, turtles and lobsters are some seafood varieties which are consumed by the people of San Antonio. 


Fats and Oils – Several fats and oils obtained from animals are used in cooking San Antonio food. Pork fat is a commonly used cooking medium. Butter can also be included as a part of the basket.


Alcoholic Drinks – Include bottles of rum, beer, brandy, wine and whiskey to the San Antonio gift basket as all these alcoholic drinks are commonly consumed by the people there. Elegant wine bottles would add charm to the basket.


San Antonio Gift Basket Ideas: The Basket

  1. Choose an appropriate basket.  Its size must be chosen wisely. Also pick up a decorative piece rather than choosing a simple one.


  1. Form the base of the basket using shredded paper, colored napkins or kitchen towels.


  1. If the basket has to be packed for some holiday or picnic, add plates, spoons, glasses, and tissues so that it can be carried as it is to the spot.


  1. Avoid placing perishable food items in the basket as they get spoilt soon and may ruin the entire basket.


Finish off the San Antonio gift basket creatively. You can take some local newspaper, shred it into pieces and use it as the basket’s base to lend the perfect feel. Additionally, you may stick a tag on top of the basket with some phrase in local language.


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San Antonio Gift Basket Ideas