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Louisiana Gift Basket Ideas

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Louisiana gift basket is a thoughtful gift to be given for any occasion. You can make it even more special by adding Louisiana food and other items which are the recipient’s favorite. Learn about the dietary restrictions of the recipient, if any, and add food accordingly. Decorate the basket in a way that it becomes eye-pleasing for the receiver.


Louisiana Gift Basket Ideas: Foods to Include

  • Add oysters to the Louisiana gift basket. Oysters can be used for making common Louisiana appetizers including Oysters Bienville, Oysters Rockefeller and Oysters en Brochette.


  • Add potato, shrimp and chicken which can be utilized in preparing several Lousiana main dishes, such as potato salad, shrimp creole, shrimp bisque, chicken creole, creole baked chicken and many more.


  • Add coffee for beverages, eggs for breakfast and beans for side dishes.


  • Add recipes of Louisiana desserts such as bananas foster, banana pudding, peach cobbler, pecan pie and pralines.


Louisiana Gift Basket Ideas: The Basket

  1. Choose an appropriate basket.  Select the size of the basket very carefully. Do not pick a smaller one else the basket may either be a complete waste or you may have to over load it with stuff.


  1. Before beginning to arrange the foods in the basket, prepare the base of the basket using shredded paper, colored napkins or kitchen towels.


  1. In case you are packing the basket for holiday purpose, do add some plates, spoons, glasses, and tissue to the basket. It can then be carried over to any location for a picnic.


  1. Avoid adding any perishable foods to the basket as they may get spoilt soon. Canned versions of those foods may be added instead.


Use bows and ribbons to add some jazzy touch to the Louisiana gift basket. The homemade gift basket is ready and you can gift it to a loved one. 


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Louisiana Gift Basket Ideas