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Hong Kong Gift Basket Ideas

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Hong Kong gift basket can be presented to a loved one on any occasion. Decide the budget of the basket and pick up things accordingly. If the things you need to buy for the basket are not available at the local stores you can buy them online. Make sure that you personalize the gift basket as per the recipient’s preferences.


Hong Kong Gift Basket Ideas: Essentials for the Kitchen

There are certain tools which are essentially used while cooking Hong Kong food. Wok spatula, soy sauce dispenser bottle, mesh skimmer strainer, cooking chopsticks, and 3 piece bamboo steamer set are some of those crucial kitchen equipments which must be added to the Hong Kong gift basket.  


Hong Kong Gift Basket Ideas: Foods to Include

  • Add Chrysanthemum tea which is a Chinese tea. Its packets may be available at specialty stores.


  • Add noodles, and common ingredients for dim sums, and sushi.


  • The most common ingredients used in Hong Kong cooking are Century egg, Shiitake, Salted duck egg, Jujube, Red Bean, Kai-lan, dried shrimp, Hoisin Sauce, Chinese Sausage, Chinese cabbage, Dried Scallop, and Lotus seed. You can add all or some of these. Do add chopsticks as this cuisine is exclusively eaten using them.


Hong Kong Gift Basket Ideas: The Basket

A wicker basket or a straw basket can be purchased for creating the gift basket. Decorate the basket if you think it is very simple else you can find a pre-decorated basket in the market. Add shredded paper, colored towels or napkins, tissue paper or kitchen towels as the base of the basket. The things to be added to the basket must be arranged over the base. After that the basket must be placed in the middle of a cellophane sheet and its sides must be pulled upwards. Use a ribbon to tie it. Add a gift tag along with a bow.


You can make a perfect Hong Kong gift basket by following the above steps. You may further add your own creativity to these steps.


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Hong Kong Gift Basket Ideas