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Polish Gift Basket Ideas

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Polish gift basket is a thoughtful gift for Christmas and Easter. Make this basket extra special by adding Polish foods which are most liked by the recipient. If you do not know the preferences of the recipient and you cannot find out about the same, add some gourmet Polish food varieties which are sure to be liked by one and all. Add edible items according to the dietary limitations of the receiver, if possible. Here are some ideas for making a nice Polish gift basket.


Polish Gift Basket Ideas: Foods to Include

For Christmas Supper – Christmas Eve supper is very extensive. You can include ingredients like cheese, potato, hams, mushrooms, ginger bread and cabbage. All these will be used in making one or the other dish for Christmas dinner.


For Easter Breakfast – Beet salads, bigos, smoked or fried salmon or herring, scrambled eggs, breads, coffee, tea marinated vegetable salads and chocolate cake make an ideal Easter breakfast. You can add as many raw ingredients as possible to the basket.


Polish Gift Basket Ideas: The Basket

  1. Choose a sturdy basket.  Its size must be selected according to the need. Do not buy anything smaller than the stuff to be filled. A larger one is always better to buy as the empty spaces can be filled using fillers.  


  1. To begin with add a base of shredded paper or hand towel at the bottom of your basket and then place the treats on top.


  1. Add some plates, tissue, spoons and glasses if you are packing the basket for a holiday/picnic purpose.  


  1. In case some of the foods that you want to keep in the basket are perishable, you must seal those foods and place inside the refrigerator. After the basket is completely arranged and decorated, take out those packages at the last minute and put them in the basket. You may add canned versions of those treats in case you do not want to take any risk.


Decorate the basket using some ribbons and bows so that it instantly catches the attention of the receiver. Your homemade Polish gift basket is ready to be gifted away.


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Polish Gift Basket Ideas