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American Gift Basket Ideas

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American Gift basket is a thoughtful gift which makes a great gift for any occasion. Decide whether you want to make an expensive or an inexpensive basket according to the budget and then proceed on to making a list of things to be included. Here are some fabulous American gift basket ideas for things that you can place inside this perfect gift basket.


American Gift Basket Ideas: Foods to Include

Seafood – Fish, cod, turtles and lobsters are some seafood varieties which are consumed by the American people. If you add these to the basket, it will become a wonderful treat for an American receiver.


Fats and Oils – Several fats and oils obtained from animals are used in cooking American food. Bear oil is used in some homes. Pork fat is a commonly used cooking medium. Butter was also added to dishes while they are cooked.


Alcoholic Drinks – Include bottles of rum, beer, brandy, wine and whiskey to the American gift basket as all these alcoholic drinks are commonly consumed by the Americans.


American Gift Basket Ideas: The Basket

Add your things to a basket which can be purchased from the market. Select the basket size according to the number of things you wish to fill in the basket. You may buy a straw basket or a wicker basket. Alternatively, a tin, a plastic container or a seasonal container may also be used. Embellish the basket with some trinkets and ribbons or buy a decorative basket which does not need any decoration at all. You can pack the things in wrapping sheets whose colors are those of the American flag.


Add shredded paper, hand towels, colored napkins, baby blankets, tissue paper, colored towels or fabric pieces as the base and fillers. Place the things you want to give over this base. Finally wrap the basket using a cellophane sheet and seal it. Add a colorful bow along with a message tag on top.  


Follow these simple tips to make your own American gift basket. You may also choose to buy the basket from online stores but you may not be able to customize it.


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American Gift Basket Ideas