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Irish Gift Basket Ideas

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Irish gift basket is a great gift for any occasion such as birthday, anniversary or a festival. There are several inexpensive options that can be added to the basket. These gift baskets can either be made at home they can be purchased from online stores. The best part about making one at home is that it can be personalized according to the recipient’s taste. Moreover, it will be budget-friendly too. Read on for some great Irish gift basket ideas.


Irish Gift Basket Ideas: Foods to Include

Irish coffee- Irish coffee is a very popular cocktail of the Irish cuisine. You can include the ingredients for making it. Add a packet of hot coffee, sugar and cream along with a bottle of Irish whiskey.


Breads – Add varieties of traditional Irish bread including Barmbrack, Blaa, Goody, Soda bread, and wheaten bread.


Cheese- Gubbeen Cheese, Corleggy, Cashel Blue, Durrus, Ardrahan, Cooleeney are some popular varieties of cheese extensively eaten in the Irish cuisine.


Seafood – Seafood has always been extensively eaten by the Irish, but the most popular are shellfish dishes. You may include a few shellfish dish recipes.


Irish Gift Basket Ideas: Essentials for the Kitchen

There are no specific kitchen essentials that are used in traditional Irish cooking. However, if you wish to include some tools, add the common ones such as knives, forks, graters, pots of different sizes, tools for measuring the load of the ingredients.


Irish Gift Basket Ideas: The Basket

Buy a simple wicker basket or straw basket or use any old plastic container, seasonal container, tin or any other tea pot in the form of a basket. If you think the basket is decorative enough, start packing it with stuff. Else, use some colorful ribbons and laces to decorate the basket.


As the base of the basket you can add shredded paper, hand towels, colored towels, kitchen towels, colored napkins, tea towels, baby blankets, tissue paper or fabric pieces. Place the things over this base. Shredded paper may also be used to fill the spaces between the things, if any. The basket must be wrapped with cellophane sheet which must finally be sealed. You may add some trinkets along with a gift tag on top.  


Follow the tips and techniques mentioned here carefully and you will end up making the perfect Irish gift basket. Experience a sense of satisfaction by gifting it to a loved one. Get going!


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Irish Gift Basket Ideas