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French Gift Basket Ideas

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A French gift basket is the best gift for a Francophile. Just make sure that the gift basket is customized according to the recipient’s choice and preferences. Here are step-by-step French gift basket ideas that will help you to delight your friend with this gift.


French Gift Basket Ideas: Pick a container

Find the right container. Just don’t pick up any simple basket. Instead buy decorative hat box made of toile fabric or purchase a Provencal tote bag. Other options include Le Creuset Gratin Dish and Non-stick 10-inch Crepe Pan.


French Gift Basket Ideas: Pick a Theme

Before buying things for the basket, decide the theme. Find out if the recipient loves cheese and wine. Or perhaps he loves to cook. May be he is fond of French soaps and other such indulgences. Given below are some possible themes. Choose the one according to the liking of the recipient.


Gourmet gift basket – pick up an assortment of French food staples, cheese and similar food items. Instead of using gift tissues to wrap the items, use “I Love France” apron to wrap up stuff.


Cheese lover gift basket – Your focus here is different varieties of cheese.  Add a cheese slicer, cheese knife, designer cheese plates and wooden crate set. You may also keep an encyclopedia of cheeses in the basket. Wrap it and let it be a surprise for the recipient.


Wine aficionado gift basket – Wine gift basket offers a chance to showcase the best French wines.  In addition to wine bottles, put a clink-proof wine bag. Add a wine cork bulletin board kit which will surely impress the recipient. Ad a wine opener and a wine guide book too.


Travel junkie gift basket – For those who love to travel, add a traveling bag that has separate pockets for laptop and gadgets. For a female, add some packing essentials and a small travel kit. Add the map of France too.


French Gift Basket Ideas: Pick a Centerpiece Item

Do not spend a lot of money in making the gift basket attractive. Fix a budget and work accordingly. Just pick one main item that adds to the appeal of the basket and makes it eye-catching.


French Gift Basket Ideas: Choose Smaller Items

Find some inexpensive accompaniments to fill up the basket. One such item is a wine label remover while small gourmet items like mustards, crepe mix, jams and more.


French Gift Basket Ideas: Finish off with Creativity

Think of some creative approach in order to finish off the French gift basket. Buy a French newspaper, shred it and add it to form the base of the basket. Use a plastic sheet to wrap the basket and stick a tag with some French phrase, such as "Joyeux Noel" for Christmas or simply “Bonjour”. Add colorful bows and trinkets on top.


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French Gift Basket Ideas