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How To Buy Oolong Tea

Buying Oolong Tea

Human mind has always had great interest in knowing what’s brewing around due to its inquisitive inclination. It is thus; also important to know the facts about the brew you intend to have. For those who are avid drinkers of Oolong tea, it is important to know how to buy Oolong tea. Buying Oolong tea is all about knowing how to recognize it.



What is Oolong Tea

Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea produced due to semi-oxidization of tealeaves under sun that leads to curling and twisting of the leaves. The curled beads resemble a dragon with a tail; hence, Oolong tea is also called black dragon tea. The tea is made from the plant Camellia Sinensis.The oxidation varies between green tea and the black tea sans the grassy flavor of the green tea, the taste is quite refreshing.


Tips on buying Oolong Tea


  • The most important point of rumination is the type of Oolong you intend to buy. Each variety of Oolong has a different taste. The degree of fermentation of the leaves depends on the variety and production method. Tastes can be sweet or woody or fresh and green with different aromas. For a tea connoisseur, tasting all varieties is necessary. Nevertheless, each one of us develops a taste to liking and a list of variety to choose from.


  • When buying Oolong tea, it is important not to buy tea bags. Most of us are oblivious to the fact that the tea bags are manufactured using the tea dust or fannings.This leads to loss in flavor. Loose Oolong tea consists of large leaves. When these leaves are crushed some essential oils and aroma is released. The result is a healthy and tasty beverage.Oolong tea is known to help in weight loss. The main reason for this is the presence of polyphenols .The content of antioxidants and polyphenols in loose tea is much higher than that in tea bags. Thus, it is advisable to buy loose Oolong tealeaves.


  • An important point to keep in mind at the time of buying Oolong tea is to confirm the ingredients. This product is naturally processed hence there should be no presence of chemicals in the purchased tea.


  • In addition, to establish the originality of the tea, some points must be looked into. For instance, the aroma of the tealeaves should be sweet. On feeling the tealeaves, one can check if the texture appears to be silky or not.


  • It is important to avoid buying Oolong tea from companies that market it as a weight loss product as these are bound to sell low quality products at higher rates.


  • An Oolong brew will have a lingering taste that can distinctly help you differentiate it from other teas once you develop a taste for it. Roasted Oolong tea can be darker and have a strong roasty aroma whereas teas with lighter roast will have a mild taste and fruity aroma. One needs to recognize the kind of tea required.


  • One can try Oolong teas from different regions of its source countries. In this manner, it becomes easy to differentiate the products in the market since you are well equipped with information. Always buy tea from the company that specifies its source region.


  • It is advisable to try new samples from other companies to keep pace with what is present in the market and improvement in quality.


It is important to know how to brew your tea once you buy it. One can fail to extract the essence and benefits of the tea if one does not know the correct way to brew it as each variety comes with a different brewing procedure. The right brew can kick start the right day for you!


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How To Buy Oolong Tea