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Ham Gift Basket Ideas

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Ham gift basket is a thoughtful gift for any occasion like Christmas, birthdays, etc. add to this basket the ham varieties preferred by the recipient. If you are not aware of the same and cannot even find it out, add some gourmet varieties of ham which are liked by all meat and ham lovers. Also, make sure to add ham according to the dietary restrictions of the receiver, if any. Here are some ideas and tips to make a perfect ham gift basket.


Ham Gift Basket Ideas: How to Arrange


  1. Pick a sturdy gift basket which can be used to take the ham to a garden for picnic, if needed. The size of the basket must be chosen according to the things that have to be filled into it. The basket must not look empty nor should it be over-stuffed.


  1. First, add a layer of colorful shredded paper at the bottom of the basket and then begin arranging the treats on top.


  1. There is a huge array of ham in the market to choose. Fill it with premium hams such as roasted ham, honey ham slices, grilled ham steaks, and barbequed ham slices and even more variants.


  1. Wine is a great accompaniment to ham. Make sure that you know which wine must be added. Add the one which complements ham the best. Include bagel chips, bread sticks, and gourmet crackers as complementary snacks.


  1. Serving necessities like ham knife and a corkscrew for the wine bottle, which may not be available at picnic or outdoors gathering, must definitely be included.


Tips for Making Ham Gift Basket


  1. If Ham gift basket is being arranged and packed for a picnic purpose, make sure to keep some space for plates, silverware, and tissues.
  2. In case the variety of ham you wish to add to the basket is perishable, seal and store it in the refrigerator. Arrange the basket completely and then take out the ham from the refrigerator at the last minute. Make the receiver aware of the fact that the ham is perishable, and hence, it must be refrigerated immediately. If you do not want to take this risk, add canned ham to the ham gift basket. These must be refrigerated only after they are opened.  


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Ham Gift Basket Ideas