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Alcohol Gift Basket Ideas

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An alcohol gift basket is a great gift from men. It can be gifted at occasions like anniversary, birthdays, bachelor’s party or even Christmas. Add the most appropriate varieties of alcohol, depending on the preference of the recipient. Those who love wine tastings must be gifted wine. Those have a personal bar at home can be given gin, rum or vodka. It is good to add some small things that match with the alcohol selection. Here’s how to combine alcohol with other accompaniments for making a perfect alcohol gift basket.


Alcohol Gift Basket Ideas: The Alcohol



Wine gift basket is a perfect gift for couples on their anniversary or wedding. If you buy white or red wine to add to the basket, you may fill it with gourmet cheese and crackers too as they go very well with wine. Don’t forget to put in a pair of wine glass and a cork screw. A box of wine charms near the glasses or a book on wine are certain add-ons that will never fail to impress the recipient.



Tequila can be consumed as a shot or mixed with margaritas. So, you must add a tequila bottle along with different margarita mixers. Keep sombrero as the choice of container in place of a basket. Add some shot glasses of different colors and sizes along with a container of salt and some limes. Finish the alcohol gift basket by adding a bartender's guide on making the best tequila drinks.



Give your loved one all the ingredients required to make a martini. You may include the ingredients to make the very-popular, chocolate martini. Place a bottle of olives and some limes in addition to a gin or vodka bottle. Add a cocktail shaker with a pair of martini glasses. Wind up the basket by placing a book which has some classic martinis recipes.


Alcohol Gift Basket Ideas: The Basket


Dress up the basket. Add a fancy ribbon or some trinkets to it. Include a gift tag to the alcohol gift basket for remembrance.


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Alcohol Gift Basket Ideas