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Fruits Gift Basket Ideas

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Fruit gift baskets are great gifts for teachers, party hosts, expecting mothers and almost all special occasions. Just put in a little effort and a perfect fruit basket will be ready. A basket with assorted fruits is suitable for any occasion. It can be made using fresh or dry fruits.


A fruit gift basket is an ideal gift for Christmas, anniversary, baby shower and birthday. While making it, make sure that you include fruits which fulfill the dietary requirements of the recipient.


Fruits Gift Basket Ideas: How to make


  1. Buy colorful fruits which are free from any sort of blemishes. Although you can include traditional fruits such as apples, bananas and oranges, adding an exotic feel by including non-traditional fruits such as pineapple, mango, strawberry and kiwi is a good idea.


  1. Take a wicker basket and add colorful shredded paper as its base. Arrange the selected fruits on top of the sheet. Place the bigger fruits on the bottom or in one corner. The smaller fruits must be added on top.


  1. Seal the fruit basket using a heat-sealable plastic gift wrap. These are available in different colors and designs. Pick the one that you like. Before protecting the fruits with the plastic wrap, make sure if it is recommended for direct contact with edible products.


  1. Cut the plastic wrap at least 3 times bigger than the size of the basket. Place the basket in the center of the wrapping paper and pull up its sides. Secure the wrapping sheet at the top. Seal it with hot air supplied from a blow dryer.


  1. Add bows, dried flowers and other trinkets to embellish the basket. This completes the look.


The fruits baskets that you make at home can be made according to your choice and within your budget. You can also find an array of beautiful fruit gift baskets displayed in the online stores. This gift is best for those who are diet conscious and want to lose weight or someone who is recovering from an illness.


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Fruits Gift Basket Ideas