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Where to Buy Thai Tea

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Thai tea is a powdered tea flavored with star anise, cinnamon, vanilla and often orange food coloring. If you like its flavor and you are wondering where to buy Thai tea, you will either be able to find it at a local store or you may buy it online.


Decide how you want to have your Thai tea. It can be prepared with or without milk and it may be served hot or cold. There are several types of Thai tea mixes available in the market. Your personal preference will help you to determine which variety of Thai tea to buy.


­Know your Preference

Find out how you like your Thai tea prepared. You can make Thai tea with or without milk and may serve it hot or cold. Your personal preferences can guide you through which tea to buy and what you need for its preparation. There are different Thai tea mixes if you want hot or iced Thai tea.


Talk to a server at some good Thai restaurant so as to determine which brands of Thai tea they recommend. You may also get to know which brand to go for according to your taste. Different brands use different products to flavor the tea.


Buy Thai Tea from Local Store

If you are buying Thai tea in person from a local store, inspect the package carefully before purchasing. See to it that there are no bugs crawling about and check whether a lot of food coloring has been added to the tea or not. Make sure that the packaging is free from dust. Alternatively, if you are buying tea online, look for a reputable online market.


Buy Thai Tea Online

Several online stores sell premade Thai tea mix. For instance, the popular Por Kwan variety of Thai tea instant mix can be bought from Import Foods which is an online Thai market. Concentrated Thai tea syrup is available at Curry Simple. This tea syrup allows you to enjoy a cup of Thai tea anytime. If you do not have the time to brew tea, you must buy this ready-to-make tea syrup. 


Hope your queries regarding where to buy Thai tea must have been resolved after reading the article.


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Where To Buy Thai Tea