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Samsung Microwave Review

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Samsung Microwave oven model




Planning for new Microwave oven for kitchen?  This Samsung Microwave  review will help you decide on the best microwave oven for your daily smart use.









General Features Of Samsung Microwave Ovens

  • Samsung Microwave ovens come with Triple Distribution System for smooth distribution of microwaves; the feature promotes faster and better cooking.
  • Rapid Defrost feature initiates  faster defrosting of frozen foods.
  • Samsung Micro oven operates within a range of 6 temperatures  hence you can select different temperature for different cooking processes. It is one of the prime  energy efficient features of these ovens.
  • The interiors of Samsung micro ovens are made of ceramic enamel, and it is double protected by anti-bacterial coating. You can be rest assured about the standard of healthy cooking and assured quality of reheating foods with Samsung Microwave ovens. The scratch-proof interior with non-stick surface makes cleaning a non-messy affair.
  • Triple Heating System is comprised of quartz heater, sheath heater, and ceramic heater, and the the trio-heater make the output of the oven prompt and 100% energy efficient.

Other Advantages

Samsung Microwave oven is facilitated with multiple benefit features like

  • Steam clean, a feature that removes dirt and cleans the oven
  • Powerful but silent vent fan that makes the microoven operation silent
  • Sleek designs occupy lesser spaces on kitchen countertop
  • One touch sensor


Although efficient, according to Samsung Microwave review these microwave ovens are quite delicate and spare parts are comparatively costly. Oil and dirt accumulation on control panel can hamper the functioning.

Price Range for Samsung Microwave Ovens

Samsung Microwave range is available in  three categories: these are countertop, grill and combination microwaves, and hood type ovens . The price ranges for these ovens are between $200 and $600.

Reviewer's Take

Do not forget to take a look at the Samsung microwave models while purcahsing a microwave oven. It will not be difficult to understand why Samsung microwaves are popular all over the world.


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Samsung Microwave Review